New Business? – Let’s get Digital

Step 1 – The cloud! – Organise your business!

The idea of Cloud Computing centres around everything being hosted online without the need for expensive software and having to back up your data. Gone are the days of having to save everything to a disc, or even keep notes on paper! Instead, you can create your own account and have real time information as and when you need it. Going digital will make your business quicker, more efficient and way more flexible!

 Step 2 – Social Media – Promote your business online!

One of the biggest problems that you might encounter is raising attention and encouraging engagement with clients and prospects. Let’s face it, some products and services are more exciting than others.  Social media will help you spread the word quicker, easier and definitely cheaper than some of the old fashioned marketing/sales ways.

  1. Social Media Platforms – don’t be afraid of experimenting with social media. No matter what you’ve heard so far, it’s not something you should be afraid of. It’s a tool to help your business, not to intimidate you! No one was born knowing how to use them perfectly. Do your research and choose the one(s) you think will work with your brand, and use them as creatively as you can.
  2. Content – remember that content is the most important part of it! Think like your customers will. How would they benefit from your product? Help them to understand why your product or service is worth their attention. Don’t expect them to guess!
  3. Patience – to build up a solid audience that will engage with your brand, will take time. Don’t rush things.


Step 3- Finding, organising and winning leads!

Online Data Management – tools like customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you track contacts, and follow up on leads at the right time. Most CRMs now have the ability to measure sales conversions and analyse your sales. There are several free CRM software products out there – try the one that suits you and you find easy to use (very important). Now you are ready to start planning and organising your sales campaigns!

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